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Hello! Fujobunny here~
I am not a proxy service. I just love collecting merch. I wanted to make a guide to help others figure out where to read/listen legally and purchase official items. These are stores and links I've discovered through my searches and talking with others. This is by no means a comprehensive list. If you have any suggestions please feel free to message me on my IG @fujobunny.
Disclaimer: This is all self-run and I don't make any profit from this.

I would like to thank the following people for contributing to this website.

Special thanks to my friend Michelle (@shojo_gemn). She was the first to hear about my project and gave me so much encouragement and support while working on this website. Thank you for listening to all my worries and rants and keeping me sane through it all!

Misc contributors
@patatorii - Tips and site links!
@akioxblxnendob11 - Site links
@moquinaa - Site links

Thank you to my friends who helped me test out the website before the official launch!@sho_gemn
@cloudsandblues - Thank you so much for all you additional store links, especially for the 'Manga' section!


A list of legal reading and listening platforms.

Korean Platforms
Requires age verification for 19+ content
Lezhin KR
Mr. Blue
Kakao Webtoon

Audio Dramas
MaoerFM/MissEvan (CN)
Dalvoice (KR)
Audiocomics (KR)

General Tips:
Use Papago for translations. You can also use Naver or Naver Whale with built in Papago for website translations.
IMPORTANT: This loophole was closed on March 3, 2022.
Lezhin coins can be purchased on the Lezhin app for a cheaper price. Go to settings and change your Language/Region to 한국어/한글 and purchase coins as you normally would. You get bigger discounts when you use an Android phone!
Thank you to @xo_airie for the tips!
Korean Verification Process
After registering for an account, the verification process for most Korean sites is essentially the same. You will need to provide some form of identification. I used @weebo_world_'s tutorial. You can find it on her IG highlights.


Click the buttons above to get started!Note: I am in the US. Please be advised that some shops only service locally and may not offer online services. Please look to see if these stores cater to your region/ship internationally.* There's a lot of overlap in these websites. Some websites are not strictly for books, they also sell merch figures, etc. I tried to organized them as best as I can. You might see duplicate links but I hope it all makes sense!


***I have marked stores I haven't used with [ ⚐ ]
✈ - International Shipping available
Google Translate is your best friend for ordering the non-English Books

Danmei Novels
Click here for a list of Chinese BL novels officially translated into English.

Korean Novels
Click here for a list of Korean novels officially translated into English.

Non-English Books

KoonbooksAmazon Japan
CD Japan
Aladin Korea
Aladin US
Global Interpark
Namubooks on Ebay
Harum.io - 10% discount Not affiliated
Books Taiwan
G77 Shopping Street - Instructions
Kinokuniya Taiwan

Korean novels

Here you'll find a list of Korean novels that have been officially licensed in English and are available for purchase in digital and/or physical formats.*Photos have clickable links*

WordExcerptA US based publisher of Korean novels in digital and in print format.Twitter: @WordExcerptCheck out their website for more titles, both BL and non-BL.

Kiss Me, Liar
on Amazon

Kiss Me If You Can
on Amazon

No Moral
on Amazon

Danmei novels

Danmei = Chinese BL
Here you'll find a list of danmei novels that have been officially licensed in English and are available for purchase in digital and/or physical formats.
*Photos have clickable links*

Seven SeasMo Xiang Tong Xiu's (MXTX) works are finally available in English through Seven Seas. They are available to order in both print and digital formats.

Seven Sea's new release is Meatbun's Erha or 2ha. It will be released on October 2022 and is currently available to pre-order.
Twitter announcement

Scum Villain Self Saving System

The Husky and His White Cat Shizun

The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation Manhua Vol 1

Heaven Official's Blessing

Via Lactea

A Chinese publisher releasing titles in English in digital and physical formats. The print version also comes with extras and the author's signature during the pre-order period.Twitter: @ViaLactea_press


Silent Hearts Vol 1-2
Pre-order ended

Lips and Sword
Coming soon


The Missing Piece
Pre-order ended


Salad Days
Read sample online
Pre-order starts March 5, 2022 and ends May 5, 2022
Purchase E-book

A Web publisher that offfers free to read chapters and E-books for purchase.


Fake Slackers Vol 1-2
License expired

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant


No Money To Divorce

The Long Chase for the President's Spouse


Reborn into a Hamster for 233 days

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Peach Flower HouseAn Independent publisher with novels in digital and in print format.Twitter: @PFH_Blossom

Little Mushroom Vol 1

Little Mushroom Vol 2
Release Aug 29, 2022
New Release date Jan 2023

In the Dark Vol 1

Golden Terrace Vol 1

In The Dark Vol 2

Golden Terrace Vol 2


***I have marked stores I haven't used with [ ⚐ ]


***I have marked stores I haven't used with [ ⚐ ]

If you want to buy books/merch internationally, oftentimes you would have to use a proxy service because of barriers related to language, payments, and shipping. Proxy services are third-party agents that facilitate the process of ordering for you by communicating and purchasing items on your behalf.

Each proxy may run their service differently so please be sure to read their information and policies to better understand the type of service they provide. Some are run by one person and others have a dedicated team, so response times vary.***I have marked the ones I haven't used with [ ⚐ ]

Koonbooks | Instagram
LaoShiGong | Instagram
Japan_anime_BL | Instagram
Tetsuhadesuyo | Instagram
Moquinaa_buy | Instagram
Neokyo - JP
Buyee - JP
Superbuy - CN
Bhiner - CN
Harum.io - 10% discount Not affiliated

Group Orders (GOs) & other proxies
Shandian GO - US/Canada *Semi-hiatus
@codename.weeb - based in US; can ship intl
@AsiaGOU - CN, TW, JP stuff; ships intl
@OnlyDream_GOs - US/Canada

I usually find these group orders on Twitter. The idea of a group order (GO) is to help cut down fees and shipping costs, especially if you're only buying a few items or as they are released. However, GOs require commitment and patience. Group order logistics vary. Refer to the GO's policies.

Other Proxies
& Forwarding Services
*Forwarding services allow you to purchase items yourself and send them to a company address. They can help you consolidate your items and then ship them to you.

Thaifii | Twitter

JapanZen Market
White Rabbit
AnimeOtakuCarryService (AOCS)
Tenso - forwarding service
TensoJapan - forwarding service
BigInJapan - forwarding service

TipTrans - forwarding service
Parcel Up - forwarding service




Merch links galore!These are websites and merch links I've collected through many hours of browsing and asking around.
Most of these are official links from the original retailers.
Click the buttons above to get started.


Some of these websites are in Japanese and can only ship to Japan. You will need to use a proxy service to help you purchase items or you can purchase items yourself and use a forwarding service like Tenso for shipping within Japan and then internationally. Some websites also offer international shipping and are partnered with different proxies to offer this service.
Refer to Proxies for a list of agents that can help you purchase these items.
✈ - International Shipping available

Massive thanks to @cloudsandblues and Sarada for their contribution to this section.


You will need a proxy to purchase all the items listed here. Please refer to Proxies for different options.
If you cannot view the products, you may need to create a Taobao account. You can also paste the Taobao/Tmall link onto a proxy site like Superbuy for easy viewing.
For danmei merch news, I follow @headBONDmeLWJ and @nephilimdemon on Twitter.Refer to Proxies for a list of agents that can help you purchase these items.The lovely @shizunthirst (Tiktok/Twitter) made a danmei merch carrd as well. Click here!

Books & Merch from Taiwan

R18 items can only be viewed by making an account on BooksTaiwan.
Please use Google Translate to help with creating an account.

Series by author GUI


Instructions by GUI on how to purchase from Books.TW


My Online Celebrity Boyfriend Vol 1

My Online Celebrity Boyfriend Vol 2

My Online Celebrity Boyfriend Novel Set


My Online Celebrity Boyfriend Audio Drama

Ore no Kawaii Bazuri Kareshi (in Japanese)

深秋入冬 Acrylic panel
Pre-order 03.27 - 04.05



My Online Celebrity Boyfriend Keychain

深秋入冬 Perfume + print
Pre-order 03.27 - 04.05

More Series Quick Links

On or Off Taiwan Vol 1-2


No Love Zone Taiwan Vol 1-2

Fuck and Learn

Hyperventilation Taiwan Set

MSN-Musician Solitude Novelist


You will need a proxy to purchase from some of the sites listed. Please refer to Proxies for different options.If you have trouble viewing some of these items, you will need to create an account and verify you are 19+ (Korean age).✈ - International Shipping available

Upcoming Merch Releases
Dear Door/Pluto from Goodsbee
Love For Sale
Runway Hit
Love Shuttle
Pearl Boy
Upcoming Paperbacks
Love or Hate Vol 6, 7, 8
BJ Alex Vol 5-9 English (end)
On or Off Misc Languages
Payback (ebook+ manhwa)
Haunted by Desire Vol 1-4
Fate Makes No Mistakes
Dangerous Convenience Store Vol 1-3 - Oct 24
On or Off (English)
Hyperventilation (English)
Taiwan Releases
BJ Alex Vol 1-2
BJ Alex Vol 3-4
POTN Vol 5
Red Candy
K's Secret Vol 1

New/Upcoming Items

Books & other media

Thai and Taiwan Releases

Completed Events

Cafe Collabs